Which Professions Need To Be Licensed/Registered With The State Of Colorado

There are many professions and business types that need to be registered with the Department of Regulatory Agencies in the State of Colorado. Don’t confuse this with registering for a business license or incorporation – those type of registrations still need to be done, too. The professions and business types that need to register with the Department of Regulatory Agencies carry special requirements that need to be met. [Read more…]

Becoming a CNA in the Harsh Employment Climate of Colorado

Colorado may rank as one of worst states as far as looking for a job with unemployment above 8.0 percent (August 2011 = 8.5%), but there is a silver lining. In Colorado, health care workers rank at the top in getting jobs. Recent surveys attribute the rise in health care jobs to, baby boomers retiring, more seniors moving to Colorado, and the recent health care law changes. The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment predict certified nursing aides, CNAs, to experience a growth of 26 percent in the next five years. [Read more…]

Taking the Colorado CNA Colorado Board Exam

The Colorado Board of Nursing provides the test for certified nursing aides, CNA, in Colorado. The test comes from the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program, NNAAP. The test developed by this organization is a national test devised to assess minimal competency for those wanting to become a CNA in the state of Colorado. [Read more…]