What is a CNA?

You may have heard the term and might even be interested in becoming one but are still left wondering, what is a CNA? This is an abbreviation for a certified nursing assistant who is hands on with patients and residents as a caregiver. As a vast portion of the population ages this field offers a great deal of job security and is an ideal way to begin in the medical field. Training options are available with courses that take as little as two weeks or up to six months. Federal and state laws apply to certification and testing and the classes will thoroughly prepare students with everything they need to pass exams and go into their career. [Read more…]

Growth of CNA Field in Colorado

The health care industry continues to grow throughout the nation and Colorado mirrors the nation because of an increase in seniors, health care reform and about 2,000 nurses a year retiring in Colorado.  The health care industry and specifically nursing is one industry still hiring strongly in Colorado.  [Read more…]

Taking the Colorado CNA Colorado Board Exam

The Colorado Board of Nursing provides the test for certified nursing aides, CNA, in Colorado. The test comes from the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program, NNAAP. The test developed by this organization is a national test devised to assess minimal competency for those wanting to become a CNA in the state of Colorado. [Read more…]