CNA Training In Colorado Springs and El Paso County

CNA Training classes can be taken in many areas of Colorado and in most cases the quality of the education programs should be identical. In some cases it could be that certain areas of specialty are only available in the larger cities like Denver or Colorado Springs. But with every profession, a solid foundation can be a great start into a promising career no matter where you go. [Read more…]

The Duties of a Certified Nursing Aide

The Colorado job market is at an all time low and people are looking for fields that are not suffering from massive layoffs. Health care in Colorado has stability and is hiring. In fact, a nursing shortage exists within Colorado that should sustain growth in the industry for the next decade. According to the Center for Nursing Excellence, the demand for nursing in Colorado is fueled by health care reforms, Colorado’s growing senior populace, and the retirement of Colorado’s nurses. Nursing candidates can enter the field as a certified nursing aid, CNA, in Colorado and expect the demand for CNAs to grow by 26 percent in the next five years. [Read more…]

Obtaining a Certified Nurses Aide Certificate from a Community College

According to the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence, 32 percent of Colorado’s nurses are over the age of 55. This translates to 2,000 nurses retiring annually and means the state of Colorado will face a shortage of nurses in the near future.  The Colorado Department of Labor and employment expects the need for nurse aides to grow 29 percent through 2016.  Becoming a certified nursing aide, CNA, will get you in on the ground floor of nursing. [Read more…]

Not Too Old To Be A CNA

John had recently lost his job when he was in his late 40s. He had been working in the construction field for over 20 years of his life. John lives in Colorado, a state experiencing a slowdown in the construction field. He has an associate’s degree in project management but could not get a job in his field. So he decided to go back to school and become a certified nursing aide. [Read more…]

Who Can Become a CNA in Colorado

The certified nursing aide field is wide open in Colorado. In this state, 32 percent of the current nurses are approaching retirement age. On average, 2,000 nurses face retirement each year.  The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment predicts that the need for certified nursing aides, CNA, in Colorado will grow 29 percent in the next five years. This translates into much needed jobs in a state where unemployment hovers around eight percent. This means the time is ideal to become a CNA, in Colorado. [Read more…]