Why should you be on LinkedIn?

Being on LinkedIn has many benefits and reasons. Fact is that times are changing on us and they are changing fast. Not too long ago you had to fax your resume and cover letter to an employer to apply for a job. Try this today and you will have difficulties finding a fax number for the HR department. The Internet has changed how we find jobs and how we apply for jobs. [Read more…]

The Importance to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social networking websites today. However, even though it is considered to be a social media website, do not think that LinkedIn is just another Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn is a professional networking website that became available to the public in 2003. LinkedIn has over 225 million member accounts. LinkedIn is available in about 20 countries at the moment, but you can expect that list to grow. A lot of businesses have started using LinkedIn to recruit employees, but these businesses are not looking for any employee – they want to find the best people. [Read more…]

VMWare Interview Questions

Up until about 9 weeks ago I was in the market for a new job. Then I received an offer from a company that was not only financially very interesting, but more important offered a real challenge in regards to the position I had applied for. They had a large virtual environment that needed more than just some touch-up work. The virtual environment lacked standards and structure and would need a strong hand to manage it. [Read more…]

The first 2 Weeks in a new Job – Crucial and Stressful

Whenever you change employers there is a period of time where you will probably ask yourself if you did the right thing. I just recently changed companies and the first 2 weeks were stressful from an emotional point of view. I did leave the old place due to a major lack of leadership and many bad decisions of managers that had turned a great job into a horrible job. Long hours putting out fires, missed project deadlines due to being under-staffed and other things following the same pattern – that’s not where I can perform at my best and I want to be able to make a difference with my work. I do not need artificial challenges just to be challenged at work; I want to be to do a good job in an environment that recognizes performance and where good work is actually appreciated. But with a lack of leadership and weak managers around it is not fun to work and so I decided to look for greener pastures somewhere else. [Read more…]

Best Companies to work for in Denver

You might be familiar with the Fortune 100 Best Companies to work for list that Fortune Magazine publishes once a year. The Denver Post is not as widely distributed as Fortune Magazine, but the DP has also published a similar list of good companies to work for here in the Denver Metro Area. The nice thing on this list is that it also lists many smaller companies – not just Billion Dollar companies. The Denver Post list separates companies between large employers, Midsize Employers and of course Small Employers. [Read more…]

Go the @#$% home

There, I said it. Go the @#$% home. Get a life and go home. What am I talking about here? This article is about having a solid work/life balance plan in place. It is important to give your brain a rest and to avoid the constant pressure of doing overtime. It is important to enjoy life. I am not talking about the occasional overtime needed to finish an important project or to fix a crises situation, but if your normal 8 hour work day turns into a “normal” 9 hour or 10 hour work day every day you do not have a healthy work/life balance anymore. [Read more…]

When leaving a company for good …

Resigning from a position with your current employer is often not easy. After all, you might be leaving a stable environment with lots of great people behind. In other cases you might be leaving because the environment is not stable or the work environment feels kind of hostile. I have been in these hostile environments where certain managers are out there to make your life miserable to cover up their own short-comings. Each situation can be unique, but in the end they often have something in common. [Read more…]

VMWare Interview Questions

If you are working in IT (Information Technology) you probably know about Computer Virtualization. Computer Virtualization simulates physical servers through software technology and is an important part in today’s data center world. Virtualization is a fairly new technology and real specialists are hard to find. Accordingly salaries for these specialists easily reach 6 figures per year. The leading software provider in this field is VMWare. [Read more…]

Congratulations! You just destroyed your Team

Many books and articles have been written about management styles, team building and motivation and whatever comes with being a good manager. Unfortunately too many people think they are good managers when in reality they aren’t. Just reading a book or an article does not make one a good manager. Even worse, just years of “experience” as a manager will not turn an employee into a good manager. [Read more…]